Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Rider's Meeting, Dave's Taverna, T minus 30 minutes!!!

Rider's meeting, Dave's Taverna, 9:30 PM Friday night.

First item of business is beer. Or Scotch, if it's cold out.

Second item of business will be to make sure that everyone knows how we're getting where we're going. We'll have maps for each rider, covering the route from Briery Branch to the road into Douthat (if you get lost before or after those points, respectively, nothing can help you!). No cue sheets, since no one had time to check the course at that level of detail and we didn't want to write up slightly flawed cue sheets that might lead you astray if you followed them too literally!

Third item of business will be to drop off your sag bag(s) into our vehicle(s). More info on that coming soon. But we will do our best to have, if possible, some way you can drop a bag with some mid-ride resupplies and end-of-ride change of clothes. Stay tuned.

Fourth item of business will be to collect some gas money to pay for fuel for the Starship Candlepower and her companion vessel, Big Red. Bring $20 each and we'll refund anything left over. This is not pre-payable to the organizers in beer.

FYI, we're looking at ~108 miles, with 5k feet of climbing and almost as much descending, for a total gain of 245 feet.


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