Thursday, August 24, 2006

Secure your spot on the Starship Candlepower

Anyone's welcome, but do yourself a favor and let us know you're coming.

As of 22:22, 7 September, we've had a few cancellations, but also some additions, and so the following people, having promised to boldly go where no man has gone before, have thereby secured a reservation on the Starship Candlepower for instantaneous, guaranteed non-mutating, return passage through the Great Shenandoah Valley Wormhole:

1) David Troyer (volunteer spaceship jockey)
2) Ben Wideman (volunteer spaceship jockey)
3) Matthew Wikswo
4) Matt Styer
5) Kurt Rosenberg
6) Marshall Hammond
7) Grant Patterson (replacing Andy McChickan)
8) Nathan Maust
9) Sue George
10) Bain Routhier
11) Kyle Lawrence
12) Connie Peterson
13) Jonathan Spicher
14) Jennifer Hartwig
15) Jason Crist
16) Michael Wiebe-Johnson
17) Blake Walker
18) Tim Richardson
19) Sue Haywood
20) Colin V.

And the following people are joining us for the intergalactic voyage before getting transportation back to their own solar systems in their own private spacemobiles:

--) Mark Russell (has own return transportation)

If we beat the bushes and enough startrucks, deep-space trailers, and intergalactic people-movers fall out, we'll do this grassroots for free, or maybe just pass the hat to pay for luminite fuel rods for the old Candlepower. If we have to rent anything, we'll split the costs and return any remainder.

We'll do our best to get seating for as many people as want it and have reserved by Friday, September 1. So RSVP ASAP to or 434-242-3693. Remember: the real final frontier is a gravel road in the dark.

Update as of 5 September:

It appears that a large number of you space cowboys couldn't resist the lure of a night out in the country, so it looks like we're going to need TWO vans to get all you bronco busters home. So it's going to cost some spacebucks. $20/person should more than cover it (van for your bum, truck for your bike, gas included), and if there's any change, we'll return it to you at the end of the ride (no one's making any money off this space gig, I promise).


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